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Excellence in Theatre Education Award 2025
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a teacher as a candidate for this award? What are the requirements and criteria?

Visit www.TonyAwards.com/educationaward for submission guidelines and criteria. Click on the button marked “Click Here to Submit Your Candidate” to begin the process. 

What is the deadline for submission of candidates?
The deadline for all materials is 12:00 P.M.(noon) ET on January 13, 2025. This includes all letters of recommendation.  We strongly recommend that you begin this process well in advance of January 13th to allow references a chance to upload their material.​ 

If I submitted a candidate in 2024, can I re-submit the same educator for consideration in 2025?
Yes! When you log in to the application website, if it's helpful, you may review an application(s) from the 2015 - 2024 processes. Then re-submit your candidate for 2025 on this year's form. You can include materials from prior years or update and replace them. However, you may need to add additional materials and information over prior years.

When will the finalists be notified?
Finalists will be notified in the months leading up to the 2025 Tony Awards. The exact date is to be determined.

Can more than one individual propose the same educator for the award?
Yes. We will accept submissions made jointly by more than one individual as long as there is one single contact person. Also, two or more individuals may submit the same candidate separately; however, multiple submissions will not increase a candidate’s chances of receiving the award so we discourage this. 

Can I submit more than one teacher? 

What about a team of teachers?
Each educator must be submitted individually in order to be considered for the award. 

Can I submit a school or a theatre organization?
You may submit a specific teacher who works at a school or theatre organization, but not the school or organization itself. 

Can I use a mobile phone or other device to film my video submission? 
Yes. iPhone and Android videos can work, as long as they are crisp and clear and of decent quality. Though, you will still need to make sure you video is in a MOV, AVI, or WMV format, with a minimum resolution 320x240. 

What should the video contain?
Tell us why this teacher deserves to receive the award. Demonstrate why the candidate has a compelling story, how they have gone above and beyond in the field of theatre education. For example, you might describe how the candidate has made a difference in the life of a student, school or community; or how they are working to advance and champion theatre education. As this is an award for excellence in theatre, we encourage you to use excellent theatre to tell your teacher’s story. 

If I submit a teacher for the award, can I also write one of the recommendation letters?
No. The person who initiates the submission is required to provide a video that tells why the candidate deserves to receive the award. The three letters of recommendation must come from different people. 

How do I submit letters of recommendation?
Once you begin the submission process, you will be directed to supply the email addresses of the individuals who you would like to submit letters of recommendation in support of your teacher. They will automatically be contacted by the Tony Awards once your online form is fully submitted. You can also add your own PDF of a letter, or reuse a letter from the 2024 process. Follow the instructions on the submission form.

What is the deadline for recommendations?
The final deadline for all supporting materials, including the three required letters of recommendation, is 12:00 P.M. (noon) ET on January 13, 2025. Please make sure you complete your submission early enough to allow your references a chance to upload their material before the deadline. 

Are retired teachers eligible?
No. The teacher must be a current, living teacher at an accredited K-12 institution, or at a reputable theatre organization, located within the U.S. 

Are educators who work at theatre companies (rather than in schools) eligible?
Yes, as long as they are a teacher whose position is dedicated to, or includes aspects of, theatre education. 

Can I submit myself as a candidate?
No. We do not accept self-nominations for this award.

Can I share this information on social media?
Yes, please do! We encourage you to share your teacher’s story and ask your friends to submit other worthy candidates. There are social media buttons on the online form to help guide you. Use the hash tag #ApplaudMyTeacher.

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